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202. I'm alive!

Heh, it's August, oops.
Anywho, I start college tomorrow, and when I have time to re-lean photoshop, I will! Also, whoa, LJ has changed!
I'm pretty much always active on my tumblr  (postscratchdavestrider) due to the fact I can actually use it on mobile so you can contact me there!
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I'm actually alive you guys! I worked all summer, and will try to make some icons during the school year, I'm almost done with mandatory education! I do have senior year and marching band tho, so it won't be crazy-crazy. I like this batch.

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▓ Stolen Kisses


I'm Still Alive!
Sorry for not posting, I have been super busy! But with school ending in 3 weeks, a new laptop, and two 8 hour plane flights ahead of me this summer, it's safe to say I'll be posting soon! I don't know how often, however, as I got into an internship for high school students at a hospital in Hawaii. I'll be living there in June & July, not a bad way to spend my last summer of high school! (Even tho I'll be staying with my grandparents, takes the 'cool' factor down a bit, haha.)
So yeah, my posting will probably be sporadic to say the least! Most of the reason why I've been busy was that I signed up for APUSH and AP English, and now I've gone and signed up for AP English, Government, and either Chem or Bio; plus I've joined marching band. I play the tuba! Also I started to write a thing? I'm still in the character/world building phase but I really like it so far.
Here's are like six that I've made since my last post, I promise that there is more, I don't want to post them all now! (That, and it'd mostly be homestuck oops)

Anyways, I'm not dead, I still know how to photoshop (barely), and I'm almost done with high school (asdfghjkl college is soon send help)
㊣ History 101


First post of 2013!
So one of my resolutions is "More Icons, Less Often." In other words, no more posting once a week, every two weeks at the least.
In other news, I've started making animanga icons. All included in this post are inspired by deternot's tutorial. <3
On to the icons;

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㊣ History 101


beatsagain -> lalonde

I changed my username, as I've been wanting to do for some time now! It's Homestuck, big surprise.
I should have my first post of 2013 up sometime by the end of the week, however if all goes well it'll be tomorrow. It'll include be multifandom, with a lot of webcomics iconed oops.
Here's a Preview: